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2009-1, Obtained the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System .
2009-1, Obtained the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System .
2009-9, Obtained the registration certificate for the “QING HU” trademark.
2009-12, Obtained the registration certificate for the Qinghu figurative trademark.
2010-5, Applied for two patents at the same time and were certified for both.
2011-1, Received the Measurement & Testing Capability Confirmation Certificate.
2011-3, Listed among the Standardized Work Safety Enterprises in Yinzhou District
2011-6, Listed among the top 50 growing enterprises in Yinzhou District.
2011-6, Received the Standardized Good Practice Certificate.
2011-7, Received the Applying International and National Advanced Standard Confirmation Certificate.
2011-7,Be the member of Optical and Electrical Cable Association of China.
2011-7, Applied for two invention patents.
2011-12, Acknowledged “Famous Brand Product in Ningbo” for the synthetic resin thermoplastic elastomer.
2011-12, Acknowloged the title of "High-Tech Enterprise of Ningbo
2012-1, Received the “Industrial Enterprise of Growth Star in Yinzhou” award.
2012-1, Received the “Industrial of Enterprise Energy Conservation & Emission Mitigation in Yinzhou District” award
2012-1, Set up a joint R&D center for macromolecule functional materials in partnership with Zhejiang University of Technology.
2012-3, Be the member of Humen Information Wire & Cable Association.

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